Saturday, July 05, 2003

Day 0 - Bus from Albany to Buffalo

Arrived @ Rensselaer Amtrak Station @ 8:00am, and was one of the first dozen bikes loaded on the truck.

Walked over to station and got coffee and a danish, then just sat around until the buses arrived @ 9:00 or so. Sat next to Daniel, a software developer from Boston, for the 5-6 hour trip. We talked a little, but mostly read or slept. Lunch @ Warners rest area - pizza - then on to the Nichols School in Buffalo. Set up tent quickly under increasingly threatening skies. That blew over as I registered and got orientation stuff. Read through that, looked at maps, etc. Went to reception, then dinner - ziti w/meatballs, primavera, roll, salad, cookies, and milk. Went back to tent and felt first raindrops sometime before 7pm. Covered bike w/tarp and retreated inside tent. Organized for the morning, read some more, wrote this. Pretty good rain, but no thunder. Tent basically OK - couple of drips under doorway-end roof patch seams. Supposed to end by midnight or so, then sunny, 80s tomorrow and less humid. 45 miles tomorrow.
8pm - Clearing in west - rain stopped for now. Went to orientation, called Holly. Sky still very light @ 9:15 - too early to sleep.


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