Sunday, July 06, 2003

Day 1 - Buffalo to Medina

Took a long time to get to sleep last night.. Not noisy or anything, just couldn't sleep. Finally got about 4 good hours, waking up at about 4:30am. Packed up, had early breakfast around 6am. Rode around Buffalo's Delaware Park, waited around for 8am start. Was lucky to be in the first 20 or so out the gate, and never felt crowded.

Very nice trail along Niagara River eventually brought us to an interesting bicycle sculpture.

Hit Lockport around 10:30am. Good paved trail and flat roads all the way. Had lunch early, around 11:00, after spending what seemed like a lot of time at the locks in town.

The "Cave" seemed to not be open. Hung around restaurant and museum until 12-12:30, then headed for Medina. Flat stone dust trail on the towpath, in bright sun all the way.

Medina thermometer read 88 degrees. Set up tent w/annex for shade, took shower, sent emails.

The numbers:
49.25 miles
3:50:51 riding time
12.8 mph average
6.5-7 hours elapsed time
Everything's dried out from last night's rain. Had roast beef sandwich, beans, potato salad, brownies, and LOTS of lemonade. Will go out for local ice cream shortly.
Went for ice cream with a fellow rider from Slingerlands, NY. We were on our bikes,and were passed by a bunch of fellow riders in a convertible. "Boy, you guys are really hard-core!!" (Well, this IS a bike tour, right?) Came back to campsite, called Holly, watched fireworks in our honor. To bed, earplugs in, NOISY PEOPLE TONIGHT.


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