Monday, July 07, 2003

Day 2 - Medina to Pittsford

Woke @5:30 to a loud "bump" - the luggage truck was loading nearby. No alarm set - slept pretty well. Broke camp in a stupor, and threw bag in truck @ 6am. Pretty quick! Had breakfast and walked outside to rain. Listened to weather radio - torrential downpours south of Buffalo, expected to clear Genesee Valley between 7 and 8, so stalled for awhile. Started out around 7:45am in the rain. Rain continued to Albion. Stopped at McDonald's for OJ, and took off raingear. Hit Brockport around 10:45 and called John. Then the rain started again, and continued to Spencerport. Ally gave me the house tour and a soda. Sat on porch and read paper until John returned @ noon. Had burgers, chips, ice cream. Gave John his new bike computer and installed it - he was thrilled! Left there around 12:40pm. Arrived Pittsford at some unknown time, probably around 3:00pm. Set up, had shower, called John re: dinner. They're picking me up @ 6pm.

The numbers:
59.75 miles
4:42:04 riding time
12.7 mph average
7-7.5 hours elapsed time

Had dinner w/John, Sue, and Allyson, at a really expensive place in Pittsford. Prime rib and scallops, 2 beers - excellent, and good to see everybody. Back to camp, read some more, listened to live folk music, tried to call Holly several times. Gave up @9:30 and went to bed.


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