Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Day 3 - Pittsford to Waterloo

Up @ 5:30, packed by 6. Had breakfast, heard orientation and LDS spiel, then on the road at 7am. Arrived in Newark, the proposed lunch spot, at 10am. Kept going to Lyons, had 2 hot dogs, and looked for library to send emails. It was closed. Reached afternoon rest stop in Clyde at 11:30, but nothing was there yet. Refilled water at town hall, and continued on. Arrived in Waterloo a little before 1:00pm. Had Gatorade and set up tent with annex for shade.

The numbers:
59.67 miles
4:26:00 riding time
13.4 mph average
5.75 - 6 hours elapsed time
A lot of road riding today, all after Palmyra. That explains the higher average speed. Oh, and I forgot the flat tire - guess it didn't faze me. 30 minutes out of Pittsford on the Canal Trail. Fixed and underway again in 20-30 minutes. Pump only gave me ~65 lbs., so at the morning rest stop, I topped it off before we hit the road portion of the ride. Dinner and ice cream social from 5:30-8:00 in park in town. Library within walking distance, w/internet access. It's only 2:00pm! Called Holly @ work and left message - try again later.
Called Holly a little before 3pm. Walked to library (actually got a partial ride from a volunteer who saw my t-shirt) Cleared out mail, sent a couple. Weather still looks good until Thursday overnight and most of Friday - the LONG uphill day to Canajoharie. Damn! Gave Mom a 10-11am arrival estimate, and will leave to make 1:30 reception in downtown Syracuse.
Hung out until 5:20, then headed to Lafayette Park for picnic, ice cream social, and band concert. Really nice - small-town America. Sousa marches, flags. Sat with some others of my kind and had a good time. Stopped @ ATM and got more money. Ongoing expenses are very cheap for this trip. Oiled chain - sounds/shifts much better. Remember to check tire pressure in morning.
When covering up bike, discovered rear tire was flat again. Pulled tube, matched against tire, found piece of glass in tire and removed it. Hope it won't do it again now. Need to pick up another patch kit.


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