Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Day 4 - Waterloo to Syracuse

Woke up at 4:30 to sound of rain on tent. This was not expected, but I had taken precautions anyway. Packed up everything (started @ 5:20) before leaving tent. All packed and loaded on truck by 5:50, 30 minutes again. Biked to American Legion Hall and had good breakfast. Ready to leave @ 6:20, didn't feel like waiting around for 6:30 orientation, so just left. Got to Seneca Falls and added long-sleeved layer and taillight. Rain continued all morning. Reached Sims Store in Camillus @ 9:10 am, the afternoon rest stop. I was the first one there, and the ladies were all flustered about not being ready for the rest of the horde. Nice lady wiped the stripe off my back before letting me wander around the museum. Museum has come a long way, and is pretty good. Had coffee, hung around 25 minutes until a couple of others arrived. Left via DeVoe Road to Camillus village. Up Camillus Hill, left on Vanida to Mom's house @ 10:00. Showered, rinsed/dried socks (which were pretty miserable), watched weather, talked, called Holly. Lunch @ Friendly's, left @ 1:00pm. To Canal Museum by 1:35 for ceremony, then to LeMoyne College by 2:30 pm. Set up, dried out, rain having stopped while at Mom's house. Couple of beers - that hit the spot!!
The highlight of the day was seeing one of the usual fluorescent pink trail markers spray-painted directly over a dead raccoon on the road shoulder near Port Byron. I must have laughed for almost a mile!
Thursday night and most of Friday now look wet. Break camp in the rain Friday morning, bike 60-70 miles, set up wet tent in the rain. This will take some pre-planning and clever packing.

The numbers:
52.12 miles
3:38:45 riding time
14.3 mph average
8-8.5 hours elapsed time


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