Thursday, July 10, 2003

Day 5 - Syracuse to Rome

Up @ 5:50, later than usual. Packed by 6:20, then to breakfast. Pretty good night's sleep under the light and noisy circumstances. Morning announcements, then sunscreen/etc., and on the road just before 7am. Dewitt to Canastota was a very nice ride along the old canal. The word "bucolic" kept coming to mind. Chittenango Canal Museum was interesting - old drydocks, museum.

On to Canastota before 10am,, the lunch stop. Had coffee and muffin, talked with fellow riders from Missouri, bought Post-Standard with article about our group. From Canastota to Rome was monotonous and flat, straight towpath. Stopped @ Erie Canal Village and took boat ride.

Just didn't have the energy to try to see the rest of it. Had ice cream and continued to campsite. Set up on front lawn of Rome Arts Center, using sign as clothesline.

Feeling really tired. Woman next to me (Debbie from Rochester) gave me an extra muffin to tide me over until dinner. Officially 67 miles tomorrow - more on that later.

The numbers:
42.68 miles
11.4 mph average
3:44:49 riding time
7.5-8 hours elapsed time
Couple of beers, to Applebee's for dinner. Bought jersey for $70 in a moment of weakness. This is a one-time event, and I won't get a second chance, so why not?
Tomorrow - 67 miles, mostly in valley. Raining now (9pm) and should continue all night. Weather radio not cooperating at the moment, but I think I can say tomorrow will be wet, and mostly, if not all, road riding. Breakfast looks very cramped. I'm thinking about getting an early start and grabbing breakfast on the road, rather than fighting the crowd here. Will try weather again and see if that makes sense.


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