Saturday, July 12, 2003

Day 7 - Canajoharie to Niskayuna

Got up and went inside for pre-breakfast coffee. Packed up,
oiled chain, and
loaded truck, then had breakfast. Hung around for
announcements, put on
unscreen, and left a little before 7. Long
downhill to 5S from school, then steady 16-19 mph all along 5S to
first rest stop in Fultonville. A few others were there, but I had
passed many on the way at that pace. Continued on 5S to Dufel's
farm, then onto paved bike path. I was alone at the head of
the pack at this point. Somewhere in that stretch, here should
have been access to Schoharie Crossing, but the trail didn't pass
through it, much to my surprise, and no turns were marked going
off-trail to get there. Caught up with the markers, and we just
kept going until suddenly we were in Amsterdam. At this point,
I decided to just head for home, with an ETA of around 10am.
I'd been hoping to burn some time and some film at Schoharie
Crossing, but now I was way ahead of schedule. Went home
(10am), called Holly and said a noon pickup was still OK. Read
e-mail, watered earth box, puttered around, talked to Jay. Rode
to JCC a little before noon, went to Holly's, and now I'm home
doing laundry, unpacking, and drying out. Fixed annoying rattle
(rack at seat stays). Dinner @6:30, other stuff @7:00, then to
Holly's for a night in a real bed, the first since over a week ago.
32+ to Albany tomorrow, and I'll be skipping the Waterford side
trip. Will write more tomorrow, after all is over.

The numbers:
48.88 miles
3:20:34 riding time
14.6 mph average
29.0 mph max
3:30-3:45 elapsed time


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