Sunday, July 13, 2003

Day 8 - Niskayuna to Albany

Had dinner and stayed for entertainment (John Kirk and Trish
Miller), then back to Holly's for a good night's sleep, which I got.
Up around 7am, had breakfast, then back to JCC around
8:15-8:30. Passed a ew stragglers once I hit the bike path, but
traffic was generally much lighter than I had expected. Small
crowd at Niskayuna train station, bigger crowd at Colonie Town
Park rest stop. Said a few good-byes there and continued on.
Trail now goes all the way to Cohoes, and is paved. Then, streets
to Watervliet and rejoin trail to Albany. Arrived to a chorus of
"hurrahs" accorded every finisher.

Saw a few more faces, said more good-byes, and continued
on to Rensselaer to get car. Arrived at car around 11:30am.

The numbers:
32.40 miles
14.0 mph average
2:18:52 riding time
~3 hours elapsed time
33.0 max mph

TOTAL DISTANCE 406.09 miles


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