Monday, March 21, 2005


This was a fully supported tour from Buffalo, NY, to Albany, NY, following the approximate route, and often the actual towpath, of the Erie Canal. The distance given was 400 miles, to be covered in 8 days of relatively flat riding. Luggage was transported from campsite to campsite each day, and meals were included. More information about the current year's tour can be found here.

Daily journal entries are listed in reverse, because of the way Blogger works. I may try to change (hack) this later, but for now, read from the bottom up to stay in chronological order. These entries are as written each evening at the time, and have not been edited in retrospect, other than to add the image links.

I've posted all of these entries after the fact via e-mail, using my Palm Vx, Palm keyboard, Palm Eudora, and Palm modem, as a proof-of-concept for possibly using this approach on a future tour. Results have been mixed. Blogger's Mail-to-Blogger functionality is unpredictable, and often extremely delayed in posting, if the post gets there at all. Sometimes it's really quick and dependable, but other times it can be several days or never.